>Wide dispersion 360° sound for uniform wide coverage area. Coverage area will very based on speaker type installed and surrounding obstacles.
>Designed for use in landscaping - such as mulch, soil, stone, sand, grass or on hardscapes.
>Partial burial possible for low-profile placement in landscaping, with adequate drainage.
>Ground spikes included to secure speaker in high winds.
>Heat and cold resistance coating inside of Shell to help keep device at safe operating temperature.
>Max storage/operating temp vary depending on device installed, refer to your devices documentation for details.*
>IP35 Rating protects your speaker against normal weather, debris, and rainfall, avoid placing the speakers where they maybe sprayed with high pressure water like sprinklers or hoses, or submerged.
>Outdoor SJ 10A Rated cord available in your choice of length for connection to your nearby protected outdoor outlet.
>Our UV resistant housing is also paintable, using standard paints and primers made for plastic you can customize the look.
>Custom tuned housing features damping material for optimal performance of your speaker, with improved bass response.
>Overall Dimensions (approx.) 14"x14"x14" (HxWxD)
>Opening for installing speaker (circular opening): 7.25" dia. 

* We recommend not operating your device installed in SpkrShell when the ambient air temp is within +/-5° of the safe max operating temp of your device.