AmpShell Outdoor Enclosure (Gen2) | Black
Availability: Pre-Order (Expected Ship Spring 2022)
The original AmpShell™ gets an update, Gen2! Now with an updated mounting system, USB outlets, and available in new colors. Like the original though, this has the standard UV & weather resistant housing that allows you...
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The original AmpShell™ gets an update, Gen2! Now with an updated mounting system, USB outlets, and available in new colors. Like the original though, this has the standard UV & weather resistant housing that allows you to install your Sonos Amp or other devices outside where its convenient to your system design. 

Designed specifically to work with Sonos Amp, it also works with many other popular products as well! Using the new improved ultra-flexible 57 Slot mounting system, just strap your devices to the backplate with the included Velcro, connect it to the built-in outlets, and your ready to go.

The AmpShell is designed to be surface mounted in a shady spot behind your landscaping or on any structure, featuring a thermostat controlled fan for active airflow on those hot days. Simply mount with the included hardware and connect to your nearby protected outlet. We have even included a ground lug for direct connection to earth.

Available in Tan, Grey, Black, or Green

>Dual 3" Vents and Thermostat Controlled long-life AC Cooling Fan
>120v fan turns on at about 100°F (38°C) and turns off when it drops below approximately 79°F (26°C)*
>Optional 2nd Fan for push/pull high airflow*
>Safe storage and operating temps vary by your specific device, refer to your user manual min/max safe ambient operating/storage temperatures.*
>ABS and Fiberglass/Poly-carbonate Enclosure
>Gasket Lid with Tamper-Proof Locking Security Screw
>Dual Door Latches
>Composite 57 position mounting plate works with the included Velcro straps or zipties, or screw down wire management
>RF transparent Backplate
>Backplate is removable from housing if customization is desired
>Internal 120VAC Outlet (2 Receptacles)
>Internal 5VDC (2.1A) USB Outlet (2 Ports)
>Pre-wired 8 foot outdoor black SJ power cord (10A Rated)
>NEMA Type 3R, 3RX / IP24 Rated housing
>Meets UL94-V0 Flame Rating
>Includes Wall Mount Hardware, Cable Organizers, Cable Grommets
>Overall Outer Dimensions: 16.5 x 12.5 x 5.3 Inches
>Maximum Inner Dimensions: 15.5 x 11.5 x 4 Inches**
>Inner Usable Space - See Documentation for drawings
>Weight without user device installed approximately 7 lbs.
>Enclosure is RF (wireless) transparent
>Total installed equipment weight limit 7 lbs
>Optional Pole Mount

      * This unit does not cool or heat your device, it only provides airflow. We recommend not operating your device when the ambient air temp is within +/-5° of the safe max operating temp of your device. Also note that black enclosure will heat up faster and retain heat longer in direct sun applications.

      ** Maximum Inner Dimensions do not account for space taken up by built-in outlets, fans, wiring, and nessacary room for proper airflow. See usable space document for more details about device fit.

      This is in no way a comprehensive list, it is only for the most common products used to date. Please refer to our documentation for usable dimensions to determine if your item will fit. We will update this page as additional compatibility is determined.

      Sonos®: Amp, Port, Connect, Connect: Amp










      NOTE: Compatible means that based on manufactures supplied dimensions at time of publishing, and shape of the device, it will physically fit into the enclosure and can be secured. Depending on orientation of connections low-profile interconnects may be necessary for some devices. Please double check fit before purchase, products & specs from other manufactures may change without notice. 

      Add-On Thermostatic Fan Kit (Gen2 only)
      Replacement Fan (Gen2 Only)
      Always-On Fan Kit (All models)
      Velcro Mount Plate Straps
      Replacement Grommets 
      Replacement Cable Glands
      Pole Mount Bracket

      Install Guide (PDF)

      Mounting Template (PDF)

      Internal Mounting Specs (PDF) - Coming Soon!

      All Terrapin brand products are made to order, first come first serve, and currently have a lead time of approximately 7-14 days from the time you order till the item ships.

      This lead time may vary, but it is the most accurate answer we can give you until your order is finished. We do not offer expedited service at this time.

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      Finish Disclaimer - The finish on some of our Shells are prone to showing handling marks, some colors make this more obvious than others. Please understand that A) The black finish will show fingerprints and imperfections way more than any other color, this is not considered a defect or damage. B) Our enclosures do NOT actively COOL your devices, they ventilate. Let's all remember science class... Black absorbs and retains heat more than any other color, so if your application is in direct sun we do not recommend Black.